IFIA Certificates

In recent years, petroleum companies have been setting up higher and higher requirements concerning professional qualifications of inspection companies’ surveyors working on their drilling rigs, petroleum terminals, refineries, tank farms and sea-going tankers.

In response to this challenge, International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) together with the Energy Institute (former Institute of Petroleum) have prepared a special system of verification and certification of surveyors’ professional qualifications.

The certificate proving surveyors’ professional skills can be obtained after fulfilment of very strict requirements considering their practical knowledge and passing of the exam before the board appointed by IFIA in London.

Saybolt Poland operational employees are the first inspectors in Poland who passed the IFIA competency exams.

Passing the exams with very good results Saybolt Poland inspectors have proved to be internationally recognized specialists in inspections of crude oil and petroleum refined products.