Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide a fast, accurate, professional, independent and efficient service in a manner that reflets total commitment to today’s most exacting standards.

Our motto is: „Fast, to the point. Time is money”. It fully expresses the attitude to the meaning and the role of information in the today’s business world, and it reflects the expectations of our Clients, for whom cooperation with an independent and credible partner is one of the factors determining the company’s success.

The objective of our company is to be always associated with the highest quality and with professional and reliable inspection services; we strive to be outstanding among all companies operating on the domestic market of mass products inspection services as well as marine and technical expertise.

Trying to meet the growing requirements of our Customers, we guarantee that:

  • our services are always performed objectively, in good faith, honestly and in accordance with the global industry standards, with the requirements of applicable standards, regulations and recommendations as well as in accordance with the expectations of our Clients,
  • we keep our word,
  • providing our services in accordance with the company procedures, we operate on the basis of clearly formulated agreements and well defined actions,
  • we use documented and validated analytical methods,
  • we offer the highest quality of inspection and analytical services ensuring confidentiality of our work,
  • we employ highly-qualified, competent employees who constantly improve and raise their qualifications,
  • we follow the principles of professional ethics and transparency of our work,
  • we consistently apply the highest standards with respect to health, safety and environmental protection and we fulfil our obligations and tasks in this respect.